Bruchim Habaim (Welcome)

Discover Israel

Israel is the small country with the great history. No country in the world with such a small surface has played such an enormous part in the history of humanity.

That is not surprising. Even in antiquity the main roads crossed here and it was a land bridge between the three continents.

It is a land where one can find the remains of the oldest civilizations of the world. It is the place where the great religions came into being and developed.

Israel is also a land with a diversity of climates where green fertile plains alternate with deserts, steppes and oases. Here you find an enormous variation of plants and animals. And with its large number of bird species, Israel is becoming a real attraction for the bird watchers.

Go back in time while walking through the alleyways in the Old City of Jerusalem. Taste the atmosphere while you walk through the eastern bazaar, and enjoy the different cultures.

Visit the fascinating biblical places in Holy Israel. Experience 1001 Nights as you sleep in a tent in the desert. Explore the Negev desert on the back of a camel or in a jeep. Float on the lowest lake in the world: the Dead Sea. Or swim with dolphins in Eilat.

As you see, Israel has it all.